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100 Chesterfield Drive
Cardiff, CA, 92007
United States

"I want to help you GROW your brand and MONETIZE your passion"

Are you ready to start creating the ROCKSTAR life and business you've been dreaming of? At the age of 11 I started my entrepreneurial trek, it's led me through numerous fields of interest, many different careers and loads of experience along the way.  I'm here to help you maneuver your way with only a quarter of the heavy lifting (I've done most of it for you!). 

I am an entrepreneur who inspires others to live their dreams.

If you're an ambitious, go getter type that's burnt out on her 9-5 and your side hustler is screaming to become your full time gig -

The Journey

The House of Yogi: Day 9 : 30 Days of Living on {Wild}Fire

Brandi Daniels

Finding Peace + Friends at The House of Yogi

There are places and people that the minute you meet them you feel at home - and not in a cheesy, Julia Roberts movie kind of way but you feel such realness and genuineness from them (and yes those are real words).  I walked into The House of Yogi, a place newly on the scene but already top of my list to visit and I was immediately greeted with a smile, a hug and how have you been? by the owner.  I felt almost ashamed as if I should have known him because clearly he knew me.  He put my mind at ease and replied that we met eons ago at another studio, another time - but yet he remembered me.  In a world where everyone thinks they're your friend and knows what's going on due to constant Facebook updates, Instagram post and Twitter chatter it's hard to decipher who is sincere and who is not.  But what I felt from Shaun was pure.

This strikingly handsome 6+ tall South African has a smile that can melt butter and a charm that no doubt keeps his classes filled.  He is straight to the point, honest and seasoned.  He told me about a life where he had a jewelry business in Miami, worked at a Casino dealing cards and taught yoga at some of the busiest places around town.  This man has no doubt lived several lives and is still living, learning and striving for gold in this one.  He fell in love with yoga (Budokon to be exact) and found a need for a studio that had just as great customer service as it did decor, variety of styles and teachers and with that he created, The House of Yogi.

I love the name! I have to admit that to me was the immediate draw - everything else was just like the most perfect foam atop a decadent cappuccino. The space is beautiful, simple, elegant, open - with a full wall of windows looking out to green foliage and a busy shopping complex, the room is air tight and silent making it easy to not be distracted.  The sun is a welcomed guest in the space and moves around the room like we move through our vinyasa providing heat at it's peak and the foliage providing shade.  Everything and everyone is new to the space and together we christen it with our sweat, laughter and enthusiasm for being there.

This is not Shaun's first studio, in fact he recently acquired Hale Holistic in East Village just a few months earlier.  However The House of Yogi, is uniquely his and born of his imagination and own two hands.  In just over a week the response to the studio has been great - teachers and new students have flooded the space and reviews on Facebook and on the street are flowing.

In a sea of yoga studios this city has to offer, I have no doubt that Shaun, The House of Yogi and Hale Holistic will reign supreme in quality, distinction and service.

Time to roll up the mat and on to the next......

YogiGypsy aka Brandi

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