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Cardiff, CA, 92007
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"I want to help you GROW your brand and MONETIZE your passion"

Are you ready to start creating the ROCKSTAR life and business you've been dreaming of? At the age of 11 I started my entrepreneurial trek, it's led me through numerous fields of interest, many different careers and loads of experience along the way.  I'm here to help you maneuver your way with only a quarter of the heavy lifting (I've done most of it for you!). 

I am an entrepreneur who inspires others to live their dreams.

If you're an ambitious, go getter type that's burnt out on her 9-5 and your side hustler is screaming to become your full time gig -

The Journey

The Hallway.....

Brandi Daniels

I spent most of the day listening to my new favorite book - Leap First by Seth Godin.  Unbeknownst to Seth he has actually been a friend, mentor and inspiration to me for years.  From the Purple Cow, The Dip, to now Leap First - I could easily find myself hitting replay for weeks.  Each time soaking up something new, nuggets of information, seeds of gold!  This book is no different. I am 100% all about self development, perfecting my craft and bringing to the world something that is authentically me - the question I often get stomped by however is, 'what is that?'  

There is a whole chapter dedicated to what he calls, "The Hallway".  Think of it in terms of          ---> T H E  S P A C E <---- between where you are and where you want to be.  It's an uncomfortable place because you're neither there or here and for many of us this is where we quit.  I can attest that after hearing this there were many "hallways" that came to mind that I certainly turned around in.  Opportunities passed, lessons lost and treasures not found.  The difference between THEN and NOW is that, I'm wiser - I am now aware that this hallway even exist. 

He also speaks about the Long Game - playing for keeps is another way of putting it.  As artist, as entrepreneurs, as people living on the edge of life - we certainly don't choose this life for the quick fix, for the stability, for the guarantee.  We pick it for the rush, for the creativity, for the ultimate freedom that comes.  Then why do many of us play small, take short cuts or just focus on getting to the infamous 'there'.  Playing the Long Game is about taking the time to develop relationships, courting the people that we want to work with, learning the trade, investing our time into it - because at the end of the day it's not just another job.  It's not something that has to get done but something that we LOVE; and hopefully want to spend our lives doing.

So, what have we learned here:  If you're playing the Long Game then the Hallway shouldn't be as scary.  You stay focused on the job at hand, the mission, the reason for it all.  You ride the wave and trust that 'this just might work' BUT if it doesn't, then you've just found one more way that it didn't.  And THAT'S OK TOO!

Going out on your own is hard, it takes balls - don't short change yourself by looking for the quick fix.  Throw it all out there, balls to the wall, kitchen sink and all and take that brave leap.  If you're even reading this far then you have what it takes and something here resonates with you. You've got one life  - how do you want to spend it?

Balls to the wall,