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"I want to help you GROW your brand and MONETIZE your passion"

Are you ready to start creating the ROCKSTAR life and business you've been dreaming of? At the age of 11 I started my entrepreneurial trek, it's led me through numerous fields of interest, many different careers and loads of experience along the way.  I'm here to help you maneuver your way with only a quarter of the heavy lifting (I've done most of it for you!). 

I am an entrepreneur who inspires others to live their dreams.

If you're an ambitious, go getter type that's burnt out on her 9-5 and your side hustler is screaming to become your full time gig -

The Journey

Fitwall: Day 13 :30 Days of Living Life on {Wild}Fire

Brandi Daniels

Learn all about Fitwall's group training programs and why Fitwall is the most fun and effective workout available.

I have to say the most amazing thing about doing this WildFire challenge truly has been the variety of studios I've been able to try and how wonderful they are.  There are many places that I honestly would never have stepped into, partly out of fear, partly out of well... fear. :-)  Fitwall is one of those places.  I would pass by on my way to Yoga Six and see seemingly strong, athletic people jumping, climbing and doing all sorts of scary things on this huge, intimidating metal wall and think, um! no - that's definitely not for me.  I was wrong.

Fitwall is awesome - scary, yes. Exhilarating, yes. It is honestly the best 40 minutes of your life; and yes it's only 40 minutes.  So what exactly is Fitwall?  It's a results-oriented high intensity interval training workout all done on the Fitwall and floor using your own bodyweight as resistance, pulleys and TRX type bands.  The coaches are pretty great too - you walk in and you're ushered into a super clean, beautiful space - where you're fitted with a heart monitor and shown your own personal Fitwall.  From there the coach explains to you what to expect, how to work the equipment and how to keep track of your progress throughout the workout. They try to ease your nerves as much as possible, but nothing works until you get in it.  From the get go the workout is intense there is no easing into it, it's a jump in both feet kind of thing. Truthfully though the workout is a lot of fun, you're sweating, you're laughing, you're just trying to keep up - wait I mean I'm just trying to keep up.

Now for the part that made it all worth while - after the workout everyone is given ice cold peppermint cloths and cups of cold coconut water to cool down.  Delish!! AND there are showers but not just ANY showers beautiful showers - spacious, two shower heads, clean towels and my personal favorite (just spoil me why don't you) Coconut shampoo, conditioner and body wash, oh my!

My entire experience from beginning to end was fantastic! Not only will I be back but I can't WAIT to go back. I'm still terrified but in a good way.  Being pushed out of my comfort zone is what I'm all about these days..

Who's with me!?

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