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5 Tips To Get Back On Track for Fall

Brandi Daniels

Photo courtesy of Google Images

Photo courtesy of Google Images

For most of the country it actually feels like Fall - but for us west coasters Fall it is anything but! The weather is still high 80s with lots of sun and beach time to be had. The days still seem kind of long and shorts, flip flops and slinky tees are still the norm.  So how do you muster the strength to transition to Fall (foods, attire, attitude) when the outside reflects the opposite.  There are things you can do to get your mind, body and soul into it (fake it till you make it) - because at some point you know Fall is going to hit - then winter!

Here are five EASY tips to help you fall into FALL easily and just in time for the holidays (dare I say it).


After 3+ months of endless summer days, beach BBQs and bonfires; what your body needs most right now is rest.  You will never be able to catch up on missed sleep (contrary to belief) but you can make a habit of getting as much sleep as you can to renew and re-energize your body.  Did you know that between 2am and 4am is the crucial time when your liver and kidneys are working over time to cleanse your body (think of them as your internal detox center) and your hormones are resetting themselves?  That means give your body enough time to work it's magic - keep at least a 12 hour window from dinner time to breakfast and at least 6 hours of sleep.  Although it's a little more challenging to get a restful sleep when it's 70+ degrees outside keep your body and room cool with a fan and light bed sheet cover. The fan might also provide some white noise which has a way of numbing the senses and calming the body. 

Photo courtesy of Real Mom Nutrition

Photo courtesy of Real Mom Nutrition

What is this TWELVE HOUR WINDOW? After your evening meal, leave a twelve-hour window before having your breakfast. If you have your dinner at 7pm, you should have your morning meal at 7am or later. Why? The body sends the signal to go into deep detox mode approximately eight hours after your last meal. Then the body needs another four hours to do a deep clean. 8 hours for digestion + 4 hours for deep clean = 12 hour window. If you fill up your belly late at night, and eat early again the next day, your body isn't given the opportunity to clean house.

2.Get up early

OK now this may sound contradictory to #1 but stay with me here - time changes November 1st (we fall back) which guarantees longer nights and shorter days.  If you're still waking up at 9am expecting to get the same amount of work done by 7 or 8pm think again.  In most cities, dusk will happen around 5pm/6pm so expect it to be dark by 7pm - which is an automatic signal to your body to sloooooooooow down.  So how do you combat early fatigue? Wake up earlier! Even if you give yourself an extra 30-45minutes in the morning you'll experience a difference.  Use that time to enjoy the calm before the chaos of texting, emailing, carpooling and work!  Your mind + body will thank you!

3.Drink water

The change in seasons happens for a reason - it helps our body to regulate and keeps us on a cycle with nature. BUT when your body is still experiencing extreme heat longer than intended natural changes can't occur.  This is why you may experience abnormal fatigue, dehydration, just feeling overall 'off' - during this time increase your water intake.  Make sure you're drinking nourishing liquids like delicious green drinks, healthy smoothies, tonics + teas and just plain ole water.  Keep those cells bouncing around and happy you'll feel better, look better and have that much needed energy to keep going.


I have no doubt that like most Americans - the first thing on your mind after summer was getting back in shape! In fact, getting in shape is ALWAYS on our minds - whether it's for summer, for spring break, for fall, for the holiday, for the New Year... you get the idea.  Exercise is the fountain of youth, staying active helps to not only keep you healthy but keeps the momentum going for creativity and inspiration to flow!  Jump into a yoga class, create a home practice, try a high intensity group fitness class, take up dance!  Whatever floats your boat just get that boat (and your booty) moving. 

5.Set a routine

Photo courtesy of Google Images

Photo courtesy of Google Images

Alright, bringing this all home the most important thing you can do is get yourself back on a schedule - routine does not have to be bad it can be good.  Your body will naturally pick up patterns, like the time of day you tend to eat, what kind of workouts you do on certain days and when you fall asleep.  Believe it or not your brain likes consistency it is our ego that doesn't like things to be complacent.  Shake things up where you can but try and get your day -to -day on a system you can manage. NOURISH * SWEAT * SLEEP * REPEAT!