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100 Chesterfield Drive
Cardiff, CA, 92007
United States

"I want to help you GROW your brand and MONETIZE your passion"

Are you ready to start creating the ROCKSTAR life and business you've been dreaming of? At the age of 11 I started my entrepreneurial trek, it's led me through numerous fields of interest, many different careers and loads of experience along the way.  I'm here to help you maneuver your way with only a quarter of the heavy lifting (I've done most of it for you!). 

I am an entrepreneur who inspires others to live their dreams.

If you're an ambitious, go getter type that's burnt out on her 9-5 and your side hustler is screaming to become your full time gig -

Bring it on….

The Journey

Bring it on….

Brandi Daniels

I tend to work a lot of things out on my mat; having a bad day, a tough situation, a question on my mind, relationship issues, conflicts at work.  I bring it all to my mat and somehow, someway it just gets figured out.  One of my favorite mentors always says everything is figureoutable  She’s right, for the most part I realize this, I know that if I stress - things come to a halt, the universe can’t find a way in to do what it needs to do.  If I worry on an issue or linger there to long chances are whatever I’m worried about happens, only because I brought attention to it.  When I come to my mat with whatever ails me, bothers me or has disturbed my peace I find a way for it to cease.  Somehow things that seemed important don’t reign as high anymore and instead of reacting, I find a way to sit back and let whatever happens, be. 

It’s not that I suddenly don’t care or worry or put any effort into making things so; it’s just that I realize what I can do and what I should let God do.  I feel like a lot of the time we put more on our plates than what needs to be, we carry more on our shoulders than we’re meant to, part of this is control a sense of empowerment that we can do it all; but really, it’s just added stress.

So when there are things I know I can’t figure out, I bring them to my mat and I trust that by the end of my practice all that is - is all there should be.