More People Have Died From the Flu This Year Than EVER Before!

More people have died this year from Flu than in history - here in San Diego!Unbelievable right?

We just finished a major outbreak of Hepatitis A but now health officials are turning their attention to the flu virus.  Every where I look I'm being asked if I want a flu shot! From my doctors office to even my Uber drive.  
"Get a flu shot and get a free ride"
I kid you not. It's crazy!

So what can we do? We can arm ourselves without having to go the route of more drugs in our body!

This is why I LOVE doTERRA On Guard products - I literally use them everywhere.

DŌTERRA ON GUARD® PROTECTIVE BLEND - 15ML I keep in my bag at ALL times!  From touching door handles to shaking hands - I always have On Guard handy to 'sanitize' my hands.

DŌTERRA ON GUARD® PROTECTIVE BLEND BEADLET - I pop in my mouth throughout the day, if I start to feel a little sniffy!


DŌTERRA ON GUARD® CLEANER CONCENTRATE - I keep in my kitchen + bathroom and use to clean surfaces

DŌTERRA ON GUARD® PROTECTING THROAT DROPS - My go-to when I have a sore throat or coughing spell!

So, what makes DŌTERRA ON GUARD® so great?

 The doTERRA On Guard Protective Blend contains pure essential oils like Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and more, the it's a natural way to promote healthy function of the immune system.

Protect yourself this winter season

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