Daily Essential Oil Guide

This year at our convention I had the opportunity to learn some really powerful information, tips and tricks on daily care and essential oil usage.  

I mean, I'm already using my oils 'everyday' but even I didn't realize just how many oils I could be using on a daily basis.  

A big part of healthy living is knowing what needs to be done to accomplish that.  

In doTERRA you'll often see our Pyramid of Health diagram -
This pyramid is the basis for making healthy decisions and staying on TOP of our health and preventing instead of only caring about our health as a reactionary step. Dr. Hill bases his routine off of the health pyramid, so let’s break it down here.

Eat Right
You can see that the foundation of the pyramid is Eating Right. Our health relies on us putting the best in our bodies. Make sure that you are getting your healthy fats (like raw unrefined, virgin coconut oil), your proteins (we love adding Enlightening Souls 
Collagen to our coffee), and lots of veggies and fruits. We all know how to eat right – just make little decisions every day that push you in the right direction.

Making sure that we are taking a good vitamin is also key. While we know that eating all the right foods is important – we also know that the food we eat today from our local grocer is NOT as nutritious as the food that people ate even just 100 years ago or wildfood that’s gathered.  So we must supplement with a
 good, bioavailable supplement. Many of the vitamins you see on the shelf at the grocer are synthetically created and your body does not absorb it’s nutrients (at least not much and well).

Dr. Hill recommends the Life Long Vitality pack from doTERRA because of it’s completeness and it’s bioavailability (see pictured above).

It’s also a good idea to take a daily Probiotic (PB Assist) and Digestive Enzyme (like Terrazymes). These help your body process the foods you are eating. Part of my daily routine I, take 1-3 Terrazyme at each meal.

I’ve heard many times from friends that are personal trainers and nutritionists, 

“Health is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.” 

If that’s true we need to take that foundational step of “eating right” pretty seriously.  So get your sweat at least 3x a week for at least 30 minutes each.  Want to combat soreness before it starts - make sure to rub on your Deep Blue oil to stimulate your muscles and support healthy joints and muscle function (plus a quick recovery).

Rest & Stress
Managing our stress levels and getting good rest alone can keep us healthy. But not getting proper rest and stress relief can have a serious impact on our health.  But let me ask you this - a
re you getting enough sleep? As an Adult you should be getting 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. If you struggle with resting try using doTERRA’s natural sleep-aid called Serenity.  I love to diffuse Serenity by my night stand while I sleep and also rub some on the bottom of feet before bed.
Dr. Hill Recommends Serenity Caps every night and using Balance topically every morning for stress management.

Just about everything we come to is toxic on some level. From our cleaning supplies, hair products, make up - you name it.  I once read that the average woman will come in contact with our 500 chemicals before she even leaves the house in them morning.  Crazy!!  

We need to help our body rid of all the toxins. Drink a citrus oil in your water every day and throughout the day (try Lemon). You can also try Lemon, Grapefruit, Bergamot, On Guard, or Tangerine!

Self Care
The last and tip top point of the Health Pyramid is Self Care. When we have every day health issues, instead of running to the doctor. We practice practical self-care. We treat head tension with peppermint. We support a woman through her cycle with ClaryCalm and Phytoestrogens. We help with immune support and against seasonal threats all from home with our essential oils.

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Dr. Hill’s Daily Routine Quick Guide
  • Apply 2-3 drops of Balance to the bottom of feet when you wake
  • Frankincense under the tongue.
  • Take 1 PB Assist (probiotics)  with breakfast
  • Life Long Vitality and Terrazyme with Morning Meal
  • Diffuse or apply favorite oil for mood and stress management.
  • Take Life Long Vitality and Terrazyme with afternoon meal.
  • Use Citrus oil in water throughout the day.
  • Take Life Long Vitality (unless you’ve taken a full dose by this point) and Terrazyme with evening meal.
  • Diffuse OnGuard or take a capsule.
Bed Time
  • Diffuse Favorite oil for Relaxation.
  • Take two Serenity softgels 30 minutes before sleep.
  • Apply Serenity or Cedarwood to bottom of the feet.
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