Let's Limit Negative Self-Judgements

How often do you hear that little (sometimes LOUD voice) scold you for eating something?  
Not waking up early to go to the gym?
Staying up too late?
Not making that phone call?

These negative self judgments can sometimes stop us in our tracks or worse, keep us on the same track long past it's expiration date.  It's the things we tell ourselves that we believe and no amount of compliments from others will override them.  It's fact, often times we are harder on ourselves than we would be on others.  We say things to ourselves that we would NEVER say to a close friend or family member.

So how do we change?We have to start by being kind to ourselves.  Reminding ourselves and showing gratitude daily for the things we're able to do. The milestones we've accomplished and the beauty around us.  Let's start by uplifting our mood when we're feeling down; and creating space for when we need time to replenish, grieve or just self-care.Essential oils are PERFECT for a near instant relief - FACT the olfactory nerve goes straight to your brain, so inhaling/diffusing essential oils will hit you within 3-5 seconds!

Ready to try some oils?

Oils for creating an uplifting mood:
Wild Orange and Frankincense

Oils for grief relief:
Geranium and Siberian Fir

Oils for grounding:
doTERRA Balance
Vetiver and Wild Orange

What are your favorite EO combinations I'd love to know! Comment below.

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