Why You Should Use doTERRA Essentials Oils In Your Home

OK I know you're probably thinking, I know essential oils can make my home smell good but what else will I use them for? Oh girl let me tell you.  Essential oils are amazing and doTERRA essential oils are even more so for the fact that they are certified pure grade.  That is your reassurance that whatever you put them on, where ever you use them you and your family are safe.

There are so many uses for essentials around the house.  From replacing all purpose cleaner, toothpaste, laundry detergent and even cooking spices.  I promise you, you will NEVER run out of ways to use your oils.
Often times, when I'm signing someone up for their first doTERRA wholesale account they ask, why would I want to be on LRP (loyalty reward program) - LRP not only guarantees that you'll receive the best prices moving forward but that you are never without the oils you need and love in your life.

So, what are some ways you can use doTERRA essential oils at home? Check out this list of 25 uses around your home. You'll be surprised.  I even challenge you to see how many things you can replace with your Target run to a more natural, holistic version.
Download the list here and get started today with living a more no-tox, clean, green home and environment.

doTERRA's wholesale program provides amazing discounts and other exclusive benefits.  Fill out the info below, and I'll send you everything you need to gain access to these great deals!

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Replacing Toxic Cleaners
Healthy Living

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