Why You Should Use doTERRA Essential Oils Daily

A wise woman once told me,

"You should be using at least 75 different doTERRA products a day!"
Hayley Hobson (Friend, mentor and EO expert)

OK, so immediately when I heard this I thought, ARE YOU CRAZY!? Who uses that much of ANY single product in a day?  Well, I'm here to say, I was wrong.

doTERRA's line is so extensive that you literally could use a multitude of products in a single day - I may not total 75 but I do get pretty darn close, take a look.

Morning - Night
  1. doTERRA face wash
  2. doTERRA facial moisturizer
  3. doTERRA shampoo
  4. doTERRA conditioner
  5. doTERRA toothpaste
  6. doTERRA Life-long vitality (daily supplements)
  7. doTERRA Slim + Sassy V-shake (Vegan)
  8. doTERRA Cardamon (one drop added to coffee)
  9. doTERRA Whisper (on my neck)
  10. doTERRA Balance (on my feet)
  11. doTERRA InTune (when I start working)
  12. doTERRA Past Tense (for tension)
  13. doTERRA Patchouli (I blend this and Myrrh when doing yoga + meditation)
  14. doTERRA Myrrh
  15. doTERRA Geranium (mixed with Lime - Mid day pick me up)
  16. doTERRA Lime
  17. doTERRA OnGuard (I use this throughout the day, to sanitize and clean)
  18. doTERRA OnGuard Laundry Detergent (When I do laundry)
  19. doTERRA Lemon (I add to the dishwasher along with detergent)
  20. doTERRA Thyme + Lime (diffuse to sanitize and calm for evening)
  21. doTERRA Serenity (I blend this and the last three together every night and diffuse)
  22. doTERRA Vetiver
  23. doTERRA Roman Chamomile 

I'm sure there are more throughout the day, but this is what I know for sure I use on daily basis, not to mention what I'm diffusing in my home and office; cooking with and using in emergencies with cuts, scrapes and bruises.. See how quickly it can add up!!!

So the next time you're thinking, "Oh, I just need one or two oils" think again. doTERRA literally can replace {almost} everything you use in your home and on your body.

For more information on doTERRA products, contact me below - I'd love to help introduce you to this fabulous line. :-)

It's a game changer!


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