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Hi, I'm Brandi

and I'm so excited that you're here.  My journey to this moment, this page, this website has been long and anything but straight.  But I believe that the things you're meant to do, never leave you. So, who am I? I'm a girl living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world (Solana Beach), I love coffee, the beach, and most of all helping people.  In fact, I've made it my job!  I got into essential oils simply because I enjoyed the aroma; other than diffusing them I really couldn't tell you much else for a long time.  But a little while ago I experienced a major shift in my life, a shift that rocked me to my core.....

a death....

in my family really caused me to take a step back and look at the life I was creating.  A lot of emotions were coming up, anxiety, stress, grief and the ONE thing that was constant and helped ground me, helped me feel better - were my oils.  That for me was the turning point.

Growing up with a very sick mother, who suffered for years with Hypothyroidism and Graves Disease - I know how doctors prefer to medicate and bandage.  I'm looking for more, and something tells me - you might be too.

doTERRA Essential Oils are changing my life, emotionally, physically and financing and I want to share that with you.

Essential oils have had a positive impact on my life and my families life and I'm making it my mission to educate and share this gift with you... Are you ready?